• One-to-one coaching

  • Leadership coaching 

  • Team development

This can help build interpersonal, professional, presentation and communication skills; develop self-confidence, projection and presence; enhance strategic thinking; ensure smooth transition into new and promoted roles: overcome conflict and stress; discover and grow self-awareness to foster enlightened leadership; improve peer-to-peer dynamics and teamwork. 

  • Leadership team assessment

  • Facilitation & 360 reviews

  • Speaking & presentation coaching

Donata works with Chairpersons, CEOs and Boards, to enable improvement of their own efficiency & leadership skills.  From observing Board and team meetings, to offering strategic measures for improving effectiveness, performance and team dynamics, tangible evidence of improvement is assured.  In addition, Donata will carry out leadership team evaluations and assessment, including directing and co-ordinating any external assessors, as well as personally conducting 360-degree assessments as required. 




  • Professional Development advisor

  • Development programmes designed to address specific business needs


  • Learning and development strategy

With her wide experience, Donata offers Consultancy and advice services to all levels of the business community, from Chairpersons and CEOs to HR/Human Capital organisations. She can help embed people, build and implement development and learning strategies and programmes into organisational plans, as well as facilitate setting up and running personal development and coaching programmes for specific needs or working hand-in-hand with the most senior business leaders on succession planning and organisational design.



  • ​Physical wellness: personal training, nutrition, preventative healthcare, massage, reflexology, reiki, acupuncture and more..,​

  • Emotional well-being: stress management, sleep hygiene, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, EMDR and emotional intelligence and mental resilience practitioners,


  • ​Social wellness at work programmes & practices,


  • ​Financial wellness & resources,


  • ​Professional development: speaking, presentation, personal mentoring and more..

Donata works with leading specialists in the field of health and well-being, to deliver workshops, mentoring and holistic health programmes to the workplace.  The executive lifestyle brings many pressures, long hours and stressful situations, that take their toll on the body’s health reserves – all of which Donata understands well and she is passionate about ensuring clients are given the best tools to help improve their lives, by engaging with the finest specialists.  No size fits all.  


Donata and her team work alongside executives to deliver programmes designed to complement individual requirements and health goals, which in turn help ensure the business itself is fit enough to stay ahead of the competition, by attracting the most talented employees because it provides the best environment for creativity and productivity.


  • ​Chronic stress & burnout prevention

  • ​Endless energy / Maintaining great mental health

  • ​Physical fitness and injury / ​10 steps to a healthier future

  • Emotional Intelligence / Mental Resilience /  Perfectionism / Imposter Syndrome


  • ​Improving your sleep / Yoga Nidra  / Yoga and meditation​​​


  • ​Mind, Body, Spirit - it's all one intelligence system

Seminars and workshops cover a wide range for health and nutrition topics.  These relaxed, informative talks, which highlight key issues facing employees today,  are presented in an interactive, engaging style, that provide practical advice designed to enhance staff lifestyle.  Topics are tailored to the individual company.


Donata began her business coaching private individuals, so this element of her work retains a special place in her heart.  She continues to run this service for those individuals looking for confidential help with any aspect of personal or professional development.  A tailor-made, bespoke programme is created for each client. This typically involves a one off introductory meeting, followed by two to six monthly coaching sessions, with some additional work in between. Private clients are offered options of meeting in person, or coaching via Skype/Zoom, to ensure they are in their own comfortable, safe place. 

Due to the success of Donata’s executive coaching, all private coaching is offered at discounted rates and ‘pro bono’ work is also considered in special circumstances.