The UK has been forced into solitude.

And what’s so ironic, is that the whole world has been living in a state of solitude already. Think of all the things we hide behind so we don’t have to connect with people - box sets, clothes, make up, books, alcohol and drugs, all avoiding.. yet we suppress it and deny it for the most part. We go to holidays to for sun and fun, not to connect with the locals - or to take a break so we can return somewhat invigorated back to our disconnected life full of disconnected people. And now we have been forced into solitude - it’s like what we’ve all been denying and repressing has been ramped up to full volume, all over the world. But that’s all it is - a ramp up of what we’ve already been doing, in denial. So what have we all been avoiding? Looking inwards that’s what. And now we are forced into this state. Our shadows will come up. I wonder what is going to happen? Written by my best friend LGL

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